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Company anniversary 35 years HMT

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HMT Heim + Möbel Technik GmbH is 35 years young and has gained a certain amount of life experience from this alone.

In 1979 - when HUWIL was already a flourishing company, and wanted to expand the business to the east - the subsidiary HMT was founded for this purpose.

As in real life, there was some turbulence, not only heights accompanied the company.

Thus, the mother company HUWIL went through some crises, which of course also affected the subsidiary. However, following the complete separation from the mother through a management buy-out in 2011, HMT celebrates its newly won absolute independence on the occasion of its 35th birthday.

HMT recognizes that the loyal and trusted business partners that have accompanied them over the past 35 years have contributed to their success.

On the occasion of the company's 35th anniversary and on the occasion of its 125th birthday, HMT decided to rename it, which not only includes the former traditional company HUWIL, but also has its own identity in view. Heim + Möbel Technik GmbH became HUWIL Heim + Möbel Technik GmbH.